You are signing up for monthly updated trainings, so you will be doing different training each month for better possible results, since we do have to challange our bodies, once we progress.
There are also different levels for each goal, so don't worry about not being able to follow it. We have made it accessible to absolutely any possible level, so that you don't ever skip any workout. And most importantly you will be highly motivated by our team on daily bases to keep up good work!
Don't look any further around the net and check this out:
"We have used all the possible sources and studied big time to be able to build these absolutely amazing workouts as a monthly program for maximum Fat Burning, Tonification and Build Up Training.
You will be able to shred that extra body fat and prepare your muscles for the next level that you can find here and choose from the monthly updated training.
We are so excited to share this incredible experience with you online, as all our fitness buddies have succeeded from it and are really proud to be the part of our Elements Fitness Center.
Many of them are even participating in videos and photos, so that you guys can see each exercise in details and understand the form and breathing (which is the most important part while exercising so that you can execute each exercise right and protect yourself during the whole workout).
Once you commit to any of the given plans, you will be contacted by your online trainer in order to select the correct plan of your interest and level. This is done at the best possible way- by simply checking all the needed details that you will be filling out in your Fitness Form- provided to you once you make this amazing life style decision to go for it. And this way we will make sure that the chosen plan is right for you.
The Right Program For You:   Don't like jogging?  Love jogging? Hate weight machines? Love dumbbells?  That's fine! No matter what your likes or dislikes are, we'll provide exercise programs based on what YOU enjoy doing!  Don't have much free time available for working out?  Can't workout during "normal" hours?  No problem.  We can design an effective program for someone who wants to workout everyday or someone who can only workout a couple of days a week, and you decide when is the right time for YOU to workout. Our members are amazed at the level of personal attention they receive from their online personal trainer!
 Exercise Database:   We know how it is... you're taught a specific exercise but once you get home you can't remember exactly how to do it.  As the Elements Fitness Center member, you have access to a library of all the needed exercises that are used in our monthly training plans.  Use your Smart device to access the exercises anywhere, anytime. Each includes photos and video demonstration and detailed instructions on how to perform the exercise move properly. So, you'll never have to worry that you aren't using the proper technique.
So as you can see you can do all of these workouts at the comfort of your home or even from a hotel room during your vacation or anywhere else or simply at your favorite gym.
This would be it guys and I hope you will enjoy each workout as we all do here in Elements Fitness Center!
And remember you will be provided with the new plan each next month, so say good bye to the same boring workouts you got used to! Isn’t that just so exciting? :D
Well for us it is and we are so happy that you stopped by and decided to GET FIT & STAY FIT Lifestyle!
So less talk and let’s get started! You can do it!!
Your Fitness Buddies & Personal Trainers,
Anita & Maxi Cuffini


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