Personalized Programs:  Your certified personal trainer can design an online training program specifically for YOU based on your individual profile (including age, exercise history, fitness level, goals, available equipment, schedule availability, medical history, etc.). To save time, many diet or fitness programs are based on a general, one-size-fits-all approach and use computer-generated programs. But, most exercisers are more successful at reaching their goals when using a program that is designed just for them. We utilize the extensive profile you provide to develop your customized program so that you are always doing exercises that are just right for YOU. We design programs for all fitness levels, for working out anywhere (home, gym, or on the road), and for use with a variety of exercise equipment or even no equipment at all.

Affordable Personal Training:  We provide all the benefits of a personal trainer without the expensive price! While most personal trainers charge at least $50 just for one hour of consultation, our comprehensive, highly effective exercise programs are affordable enough for even novices to try out.  We'll provide you with a customized cardiovascular program and a personalized strength training program for as little as 1.66 U$ per day! Yes, you just read it right- this is that so much needed and totally affordable and completely personalized training plan where you will finally be able to see some real results after the hard work and detication! Your assigned trainer will always be there to assist you and make you go through the ups and downs in order to succeed each goal of you desire!

Motivation, Encouragement and Accountability:   Unlike other fitness programs that take your money and then forget about you, ELEMENTS FITNESS CENTER will be there with you through every step.  You'll receive regular encouragement and tips from your certified personal trainer and have access to your trainer. Also, you'll have access to your monthly personalized calendar to help you stay accountable to your trainer and, more importantly, to yourself. Plus, your workout log in your Fitness Journal will be reviewed by your trainer to evaluate your progress to ensure the program is always working for you. Researchers have found that exercisers who are accountable to a trainer or a partner are more successful in reaching their fitness goals.

Exercise Database:   We know how it is... you're taught a specific exercise but once you get home you can't remember exactly how to do it.  As a Eements Fitness Ceneter member, you have access to a library of all the needed exercises that are used in our monthly training plans.  Use your Smart device to access the exercises anywhere, anytime. Each includes photos and video demonstration and detailed instructions on how to perform the exercise move properly. So, you'll never have to worry that you aren't using the proper technique.
The Right Program For You:   Don't like jogging?  Love jogging? Hate weight machines? Love dumbbells?  That's fine! No matter what your likes or dislikes are, we'll provide exercise programs based on what YOU enjoy doing!  Don't have much free time available for working out?  Can't workout during "normal" hours?  No problem.  We can design an effective program for someone who wants to workout everyday or someone who can only workout a couple of days a week, and you decide when is the right time for YOU to workout. Our members are amazed at the level of personal attention they receive from their online personal trainer!

Personalized Training by Elements Fitness Center is designed to help you reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be. We use professional, simple and step-by-step programs to assist clients with each of their individual needs; no two programs are alike. Fitness is not always about only getting a "good workout." True fitness starts at the root of the problem; whether it be postural issues, muscle tightness or under activity, poor biomechanics, or malnutrition. Personalized Training by us is built on a foundation of excellence and precision to address any and all concerns. All our different programs will offer a structured program for any level of fitness. Flex, shred, build, and get fit.

We have created fitness programs that will help those who are serious about changing their lives. If you are looking for a quick and easy fix, I am not the coach for you. It takes time, commitment, dedication and patience to be successful in ANY area of fitness. If you are willing to put in the time and do your homework. Help me help you! 

Each program is designed to help you succeed and give you the tools you need to be successful on your fitness journey.

*Results may very from person to person

     Personal Fitness Training Online: 50 U$

     Personal Yogalates Training Online: 50 U$

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