Compound WB BB HIIT #7



Superset 1x 4 rounds 

1.Jumping Jacks


2. Plank Rows


*Rest 2 minutes after completing 4 rounds of the Superset

Superset II x 4 Rounds

 2. Knee Hugs

 *Rest 2 minutes after completing 4 rounds of the Superset


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symptoms metabolic syndrome obesity high blood pressure glucose intolerance high cholesterol Orlando

Being skinny naturally means that you have a good metabolism by being young or by having good genes that take longer to suffer the metabolic imbalances through the lifetime. In both of the cases you are still lucky for not struggling with the major problem today: "overweight".

What overweight means is: actually being sick. I know you will probably say: "nonsense" and that is ok, as we are mostly uninformed about it, so by not knowing it’s also forgiven. Why we are not informed about it is simply because it is not convenient for the society and population control, it’s not convenient for medical insurance and definitely not for the medicine.

As once all the people knows that they are sick, first they will look for immediate help and guess how many people would do that at the very same time!? Plus all the medicine can do is to invent some special powerful pill that can fix that by probably taking it once or worse twice a day for lifetime.

Even they already invented things like this, just because people are slowly awakening up from their worst night mares. It would never be as convenient as it is right now with all these kind of sicknesses coming out mostly as a product of dealing with the overweighed population.

Anyhow being sick (by being overweight) is not some terrible sickness that you must fix in the hospitals, but just by taking care of your eating habits and exercising here and there you can become a master of your own health.

Now the most important thing from this short fitness story is to pick up this important knowledge of what is actually going on in our bodies, no matter what stage we are at.

For those fit and skinny fellas their bodies are in almost perfect shape but yet you see them eating just about anything unhealthy in such enormous sizes and they still conserve the same skinny bodies like nothing is going on.

And yes as I previously mentioned above they are just so lucky to have those moments in their lives and one thing less to care about.

But yet, it's not like that at all!

Maybe today they don't suffer the consequences but they will most probably anytime sooner or later. And the reason something like this happens eventually is that each year brings more problems by the fact that we are getting older. And the body signs can come, so we even start seeing some changes on the outside, so the same is going on the inside.

Let's face it we all know that we are not getting any younger, but our bodies also need extra care with each new year, so if we don't do this on time it will take us just a little longer to fix it once we realize what is going on.

I don't want to scare you at all as there is no sense in that step, but I just want to give you a quick snap to think about it right away and don't give it another rest just because you think you are still ok… just act immediately wherever your health state is today. It’s always better to prevent the sickness and feel amazing all together!

Remember that there are always more and more overweight people because they think they are only a little over weight and that’s all, but the worst is that nobody will tell them that that is actually the unhealthy living and that they just started suffering some disease which brings all other severe diseases around.

Nobody wants to be sick so why would you?

Start your Fitness Journey today and be closer to getting better then you were yesterday!

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blog 5 Reasons to Keep Going When Life Gets Tough 400x209

Are you tired of starting over with exercising and eating right foods?

Then do yourself a favor and stop starting over, instead just keep going once you are in!

If we were keeping up with the good work, we should be able to already see our results in as less than a week. But once you stop with those good habits and go back to the old once- your chances are down to a zero to really see any changes.

And this will mean that the only chance to go back on track is to start all over again!

The question is: Would you prefer to start over or keep up the good work right away?

Or even better asked: Would you like to see some results right away or maybe someday?

This is totally up to you!

Of course if you need any help you know you can count on me anytime, but you must know and accept the fact- that you are the only one who can make it all happen!

And remember one thing is sure: "We all have what it takes!" Yes you heard me right! Even people with some incapacities do have what it takes to get the better version of themselves!

So just do it! Show yourself and the rest of the world that you can do it too!

Get Fit Stay Fit! = Get Healthy Stay Healthy!

Keep going! Stay Strong!!

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